People ask me about my rates all the time, and it's a bit of a tricky issue.  Each project is different and, much like a restaurant, entire meals (packages) end up costing less than a la carte items. Also, not only does each person's budget vary, but the difficulty of each project varies as well.


That being said, here is a general guideline of my rates for services most frequently used:


Logos:  $1,000 - $2,500 depending on complexity and range of samples requested.  (Logos take 6-12 weeks to develop–again, based on complexity)  Smaller logos can be done to work within a specified budget, on a case by case basis.

Websites:  Start at $1,000 for 3-5-page, basic "brochure" site, and client must supply all text and images. Copywriting and photography are additional cost. Typically a Wix site starts at $1,000 and a Wordpress site starts at $2,500 and up.


Trifold Brochures:  $100 per panel  (letter size:  $600 •  legal size  $800)


Annual Reports, Magazines, Newsletters and Large Brochures:   $150 per page

Posters and full page ads:  $100 each


Flyers, Postcards, and Business Cards:  $100 per side 

Sorry, we are no longer doing photography but are happy to give referrals based on your photography needs.

Hourly rate for all other work:   $100/hour  (with 1/2 hour minimum for revisions or changes beyond normal scope and after completion of project)


Note:  We do not provide copywriting services, but are happy to offer referrals to writers if you need them!


NOTE: The client supplies photos and text for all of the above. If photos (either custom shoot or stock photos) or copywriting is needed for any of these projects, it will be billed at a separate rate.

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