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People ask us about our rates all the time, and it's a bit of a tricky issue.  Each project is different and, much like a restaurant, entire meals (packages) end up costing less than a la carte items. Also, not only does each person's budget vary, but the difficulty of each project varies as well.


That being said, here is a general guideline of our rates for services most frequently used:



(These are estimated, actual cost may vary based on scope of project)

Client to supply all copy and images unless otherwise agreed upon. Stock images are available. 

On Sale:  Starter Website Design

3-page site*  $500   
5 page site*  $1000 

*For a site that is a vertical scrolling site, each section would be considered a page and priced accordingly.

Larger sites are based on projects. Page-based price is $200 per page. 

Note: If you don't already have a Domain Name/URL set up, there will be a $100 fee to get you set up.

Brochure Design

Trifold $400

Larger Brochure $100/panel or $100/page  (24 pages = $2400)

(Same for online design without printing, for viewing such as ISSUU)

Flyers, Postcards, Business Cards

$100 per side

Ad & POSTER Design

$200 full page // $100 half page or smaller


Logo Design

$500 - $2500 based upon complexity and originality of design

Website Rate

NOTE: The client supplies photos and text for all of the above. If photos (either custom shoot or stock photos) or copywriting is needed for any of these projects, it will be billed at a separate rate.

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