Our Team


Alex Mooney



The daughter of one of the original Madison Avenue Advertising men (Mad Men), Alex is the product of the advertising world from the start.

She's been a graphic designer and art director for almost 25 years and, while technology continues to develop and grow, good design comes from a lifetime of training and never goes out of style.

Voted Best Graphic Designer in Ojai for 5 years, it has been her honor and pleasure to work with clients locally and nationally on their marketing materials, both print and web.

When not in the office, Alex can typically be found having board meetings in the water - on her surfboard.


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Gracie Douglas

Graphic Designer


Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Gracie brings a diverse background and unique set of experiences to the table as a designer.

An avid artist, she has pursued expression in every form. From canvas, stage, music, and digital screen, design and creativity have been a constant throughout her life.


Gracie has a talent for fresh, new ideas and her finger is on the pulse of the latest technology and trends in the design world.

When not in the office, Gracie can be found at the barn, horsing around.